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Club Penguin Book Codes

Hiya penguins,

Club Penguin Book Codes are reusable so I have found a ton of codes you will be able to use, to unlock special items like the ” Blue Book ” and also Club Penguin coins and more!

There are a count of 35 codes you will be able to enter. I will be updating these soon!

Ultimate Club Penguin Book Codes Guide : D Note: Comment below if you have any codes you would like to add!

  • Page 9- Sometimes
  • Page 35 Misses
  • Page 38- Scavenger
  • Page 40- Examples
  • Page 62- Picture
  • Page 63- How
  • Page 64- Fishing
  • Page 65- Storage
  • Page 71- Seats
  • Page 71- Musical
  • Page 73 Search
  • Page 75 Tossing
  • Page 77- Buying
  • Page 101- Donated
  • Page 117- Jerseys
  • Page 118 Squads
  • Page 140 Breeze
  • Page 141 Combined
  • Page 143 Secret
  • Page 155- Queen
  • Page 156- Small
  • Page 169- Start
  • Page 171- Annual
  • Page 175 Crown
  • Page 176- Item
  • Page 179 Penguins
  • Page 182- Actions

Club Penguin Stowaway Book Codes:

  • Page 1- Stowaway
  • Page 6- Mysterious
  • Page 7- Rockhopper
  • Page 21- Migrator
  • Page 25- Yarr
  • Page 40- Waterfall
  • Page 52- Deck
  • Page 80- Penguin
  • Page 101- Rockhopper
  • Page 177- Puffle

Here is how to enter a Club Penguin code .

( Image’s taken from Club Penguin’s Official Site )

When you buy a Club Penguin toy at a store look for a coin code image unlock_image_nobanner you know instantly that you can unlock items online for your penguin. So make sure your buying a Club Penguin plush toy, etc. that has a code included! The code they provide you with will only be used once so use it wisely!


Once you have purchased a Club Penguin Toy redeem the code they provided you at When you have successfully accessed the site look on the right hand corner where there will be a Unlock Items button unlock_image , click that and it will take you to the log-in section.


Then enter your password correctly before proceeding.


If you have a book code click the widget the says book_image ” I have a book ”, if you have a Club Penguin code then simply click the widget ” I have a code ” coin_image .


If you have selected a book, then follow the directions and enter your book code correctly. Make sure the word is clearly correct, make sure to get the item before you log off too.


When the code is correctly in you will receive two different prizes. The prizes depend on which code you have selected to enter.

1. You receive a blue book and also 1,500 coins!


2. You will receive 2,000 coins for the second code you have entered!


Here is what the blue book looks like when you have successfully received it : D


Hope you enjoy your new ” blue book ” and also your coins!

– Professorlax


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  1. Hope you enjoy all the Club Penguin Book Codes 😀

    Comment by clubpenguinscene — March 18, 2009 @ 2:10 am

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